Holiday Custom Work! Like- Whoa!

Hi there Question the Answer community!!

Thinking of purchasing a custom piece for the holidays?

As I approach my busiest time of year, I encourage you to start thinking about your unique item now.  Question the Answer can design custom wedding bands and other unique pieces with a 12-14 week lead time. You can choose the stone, the setting & metals; I'll design your piece and have it made. 100% American made & ethically sourced. I do have some limitations on design as a way to keep all of my work under one aesthetic, but I'm confident we can make it work. 

** On a personal note, I'm getting married in October and will be taking off a week for travels. So if you place a custom order in late September or early October, I will not begin work until mid- October.

If you choose to wait, I will have limited in-stock fine jewelry available. So start the conversation now by clicking HERE!

Lauren Carlson