Willendorf #2 Hair Pin

Willendorf #2 Hair Pin


*** Watch the video below to see how to use + step-by-step directions! ***

This is the newest version of the beloved Willendorf hair pin. You can use the pin just as we demonstrated in the original hair pin video. You can also use this pin WITHOUT the circle component as a way to hold together a bun.

One (two-part) brass hairpin. Meant for longer hair. The pin is made with 8 gauge brass wire.

This hair pin is MADE-TO-ORDER. Please allow a 2-week lead time from the date you purchased your order for the completion of your pin.

Demo filmed by Noah Glenn & modeled by Thuyvi Vo. 

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Step One: Pull back a small section of hair from the left and right side of your head. 

Step Two: Cross the sections & pull tight. 

Step Three: Place the circle component on top of the crossed sections. Pull the crossed section through the circle to create an opening for the hair pin. 

Step Four: Place the pin over the circle component, through the opening and push downwards. Pull the sections tight to secure.

Step Five: Viola! You're stylin' yo!