The Objects I Desire.

For five years I’ve tried to illustrate “inanimate desire” in a material form. This thought has not only held my attention, it has given me the space to make my work, and to find my tribe and to start my business and ultimately discover my voice.

Why do we want and need “all the things”?  We, as humans, love to seek “things”.  

It fools us into thinking we’re being productive, it steals our creative energy, and it keeps us distracted from being the people we really want to be.

I have a theory that we buy frivolous things to fill a void within ourselves. This has led me to produce work questioning that void. But since this initial theory, I’ve also discovered that it’s not all bad.

By engaging in my maker community and understanding that when an object is well crafted, thought out, and handmade- it gains meaning simply for those reasons. This is how I embrace inanimate desire and use it to do something good.

If I can purchase a beautiful garment or a piece of jewelry that supports a group of artists (or maybe just one person) who act & think virtuously, then that purchase is justifiable.

We want to feel accepted & understood & part of a tribe. This is MY tribe. The artists whose work is a part of their existence- the people that wake up thinking about their work, and go to sleep figuring out how to make it better the next day.

These people are the reason handmade objects have meaning and those are the objects I desire. 

Lauren Carlson