A Mother's Day Gift Guide: According to Personality Type

Mother’s Day is officially around the corner, and that means it’s time to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life. The good news is we've got something for just about every kind of mom out there. 

  • the Perfectionist mom: Saturn Earrings

The Perfectionist Mom wants to make every detail of every thing in her world (and yours!) better. She is always on time, always put together, and always making sure things are running the way she thinks they should. In other words, her standards are high, and you better live up to them (or else!). She’s balanced and sharp and that’s what makes these Saturn Earrings the right fit for her. 

(Hey enneagram lovers: this mom is probably a 1 or 8)

  • the Nature Lover mom: Rose Cluster Necklace

The Nature Lover Mom tends to both her garden and her family religiously! She gets all the good vibes from helping her family thrive! Compassionate, sincere, and full of emotion (maybe even a little too much sometimes!), she’s the sweet and nurturing, give-me-a-hug kind of mom we all need sometimes. The Rose Cluster necklace will fit perfectly with that sweet spirit, potentially braided locks, mid-90’s butterfly tattoo, and of course, her chosen essential oil blend. 

(hey enneagram lovers: this mom is most-definitely a 2)

  • the vogue mom: 8mm Half-Round Band

the vogue Mom will NOT tolerate a messy room or excessive excuses. She’s a get-it-done, basic boss babe, and she doesn’t have time for nonsense. Between her curatorial job and her brand new book club, she enjoys long walks through the Met and finding the perfect recipe for that one ingredient chocolate mousse. She’s grounded, hardworking, and gives amazing advice. Bonus: She can still be super affectionate and her wardrobe is typically on point! That’s why she’ll love the 8 mm Half-Round Band to compliment her all-black wardrobe and super cool Warby Parker glasses. 

(hey enneagram lovers: this mom is probably a 5 or 6)

  • the Hardcore mom: Snake Earrings

The Hardcore Mom probably used to play drums in a rock band and definitely still rocks her combat boots to the playground. Cropped tops, ripped jeans, and a strong sense of style make up her daily look. She’s profoundly creative and incredibly strong. (Translation: Don’t mess with this mama!) Her expressive nature and one-of-a-kind personality will ensure that she raises the coolest kid on the block. Make the Snake Earrings the perfect addition to her jewelry box because as soon as she can find a sitter, she’ll be wearing them front row at the next Tool concert!

(hey enneagram lovers: this mom is for sure a 4 or 7)

Items in the above images are Listed Below: 

Number one begins at the top left, then follow left to right.

  1. IRIS & Oval Studs in brass, $80-160.00

  2. Unique turquoise pendant in 10k gold,$600.00

  3. Saturn earrings in 10K gold,$90-400.00

  4. unique turquoise pendant in 10K gold, $600.00

  5. Snake earrings,$200-650.00

  6. Beyoncé’s bff studs,$200-650.00

  7. rose cluster necklace, $150-240.00

  8. rose cluster necklace, $150-240.00

  9. opal ring in 10k gold, $335.00

  10. iris charm necklace,$195.00

  11. rose studs, $90.00-195.00

  12. 8mm 14k yellow gold ring,$675.00

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