Ten Days in Paris: A Digital Diary of Our Adventure, Cinquième Jour: Indulging in Madness


Lundi matin, Maggie and I rose early, anticipating a madhouse at the Louvre. Madhouse was putting it nicely. We discovered that, in order to view masterpieces like the Mona Lisa & Vénus de Milo, the viewer must weather the storm of infinite tech-savvy tourists trying to capture their most celebrated “selfie”.

When we hit museum overload, we left the Louvre & quickly hopped on the metro towards the famously beautiful-yet pricey shopping center, Galeries Lafayette. It was there that I found my most indulgent Parisian purchase, a classic navy trench coat. I used my grandparent’s gift to purchase my decadent desire, and decided it was money well spent. A trench coat, you see, never goes out of style.

With our consumer craving cured, we headed back to the apartment. I promptly changed to meet a fellow Memphian, Lauren Boyer, for an apero (a light appetizer & drink before dinner) at a café on Rue de Buci. Red wine filled our glasses and we talked over a sunny and leisurely afternoon in Paris. When we parted we practiced our bises- the Parisian greeting & farewell, which is done by kissing the left cheek and then the right- and then went our separate ways.

Maggie, Erin & I had made dinner reservations at a jazz club, Le Duc des Lombards, and while there we ordered champagne and enjoyed an energetic performance courtesy of Cuban- French violinist, Yilian Ceñizares. The music & atmosphere radiated vibrancy. Parisians clearly understand how to delightfully live life.