Ten Days in Paris: A Digital Diary of Our Adventure, Premier Jour: We Fly.

Today, my sister, Maggie and I will hop on a plane headed to Paris. Maggie's best friend, American-gone-Parisian, Erin O'Conner, is currently living there and we are visiting her for 10 fabulous days. Within that time, we will explore the city of Paris, Aix en Provence & Nice while wonderfully indulging ourselves in shopping, pasteries, museums & of course the magnificent scenery. A day-by-day diary of our experiences & many lusciously pleasing Parisian photographs (no selfies) will be shared via my website. So check back everyday to be transformed & inspired throughout our journey to Paris.Parisian phrase of the day: "faire du lèche-vitrines"

Thanks to my amazing friend, Emily, I now know this literally means to "lick the windows" and refers to Parisian window shopping. I imagine I will be licking my fair amount of windows and this phrase alone has made me fall in love.