Ring & Bracelet Sizing

To find your ring size, measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of string or strip of paper (something flexible), a tailor’s ruler works best. Send me the measurement and I will let you know your US ring size. To find your bracelet size, use the same measuring procedure for your ring size, but instead, measure your wrist.

Chain Length

I typically offer an adjustable chain that can be worn at 18” or at 24”. If you would prefer a longer or shorter size please contact me for more information. 


Custom Orders

For custom orders please email me at questiontheanswer3@gmail.com with “CUSTOM ORDER” in the subject line. Once you have contacted the shop, we will discuss the specifics of the piece through email and when our consultation is complete, you will be asked for 50% of the total cost (a down payment) for materials. 

PLEASE DO NOT Facebook message me an order. It is very hard for me to keep up with orders in several different social media platforms.

From there, please allow 3 weeks for the production of your handmade piece. Depending on the volume of orders, the production time could be up to 2 weeks longer than previously mentioned & if so, I will certainly let you know ASAP.

During the months of October to December the production time for custom orders will be a minimum of 4 weeks so please plan accordingly

Custom Order FAQs

Q: What gemstones do you offer?
A: I offer a large variety of colored gemstones, but I prefer to use stones that fall within the 7-10 range on the Mohs scale for durability purposes. Currently, I mostly work with topaz, amethyst & sapphire, all of which come in a variety of colors. 

Q: How much does it cost to make a custom order?
A: The minimum price for a custom order is $165.00. Your selection of the colored gemstone will determine the cost of the custom order.

Q: I want to gift a customized piece, but I’m not sure what they’d like. What should I do?
A: Custom orders can be very personal to the receiver, but if you’re not sure of their taste, it can be risky to make decisions for them. Consider purchasing a gift card for the preferred amount and let the receiver make all the decisions. Since all custom pieces are made to order, I cannot accept any returns.

Q: I gifted a custom piece and the receiver would like a different sized chain, can I have the chain adjusted?
A: Yes, please email me at questiontheanswer3@gmail.com for chain adjustment pricing.

Q: If I send you a stone, can you set it for me?
A: At this time, I cannot work with customer’s stones.

Q: Can I send you a photo of a design I like and have you make it?
A: No, I will not copy a design created by someone else & I wouldn’t like any other jewelers to copy my design either.