Sugar Skull Pendant

Sugar Skull Pendant

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When I launched Question the Answer in 2014 a handpainted wooden sugar skull was my signature piece and helped me launch into my current business. Since the beginning I've wanted to create a high end metal version of this design, especially since it exemplifies the line between delicate and defiant that is so important in my work.

*The tradition of sugar skulls comes from the Mexican cultural holiday, Día de los Muertos, where families come together for a series of 3 days to celebrate their deceased loved ones. It is believed that at midnight on October 31st, the gates of heaven open and its souls are released to visit earth again.  Altars or ofrendas are built for their friends and family members who have passed away. On the altars they leave offerings of bread, water, and sweets to comfort the spirits after their tiring travels to earth.

This holiday represents a celebration of the deceased, the remembrance of their essence in our world and how they impacted our lives. Most everyone has experienced loss, it’s a part of being human. For me, it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate the lives that have left us and invite them into our world today and show them how they still influence and affect our present life on earth. 

Skull imagery has been present in my visual artwork for many years. It symbolizes the fragility of our lives on earth and has always been kind of a “mindful check-in” for me. When I feel over stimulated, frustrated or out of touch, I find that checking in with the little things we experience daily- the sun rising, the blue of the sky, the lush feeling of grass- helps me to appreciate that this life is fleeting and therefore should be embraced vigorously. I appreciate the contrast between this deep and often-dark symbolism and the delicate and feminine nature of my work.

*** 10% of each sugar skull pendant sale will be donated to Latino Memphis

The skull measures 20mm tall at it's largest point and 18mm wide at its largest width. You have an option of a 16", 18", or 20" chain for each metal. The chains for the brass, 14K rose gold, and the 10K yellow gold pendant are made from 14K yellow gold and the chain for the sterling silver pendant is made with 14K white gold. It is your choice what chain width you prefer, either .5mm wide or 1mm wide. I prefer the delicate .5mm chain, but if you are rough on your jewelry, I recommend the 1mm chain.

Designed, hand carved & finished in Memphis, Tennessee.

Available in 14K rose gold, 10K yellow gold, sterling silver and brass.

Rose gold skull is pictured in image #6.

Brass and Sterling Silver skull is not pictured.


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